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Tuesday, July 31, 2018 6:53:48 PM

Computers essays What happens when employees lose respect for management? Eventually, the entire business will break down. Employees will stop following office rules because they How to write spanish essay not fear the possibility of being reprimanded for their homework help online dating match. This breakdown is what has happened at the Student Government Computer Services computer lab. The loss of respect by employees causes them to slack on many of their duties that are essential for the lab to run smoothly. Some of these duties may seem trivial to employees, but in reality can be very important. Here is a list of some of the more important duties that are in some way being neglected by current employees: · Keeping of accurate print logs · Properly logging students in and out · Weekly computer cleaning · Dealing properly with lost items · Completion of new hire projects · Keeping food and drinks out of the lab One of the most important duties of each lab assistant is to log prints and buy essay online cheap stanislavski imagination as they are done for each customer. Each customer is limited to 30 regular prints and up to 8 color prints. When a customer receives a print, each page printed is to be logged by the lab assistant under the specific printer the print was done on. At the end of each day, the closing lab assistant is to print out and print count from each printer and be sure that the print count matches the amount of prints logged. It has become apparent that employees are fudging print logs so they match the end-of-day print counts. The logging of prints and scans is one duty that seems to be considered the most trivial by employees. In actuality, this duty is one of the most important. Since the computer lab is funded entirely by student government, it is essential that we keep accurate records of usage in professional analysis essay editing for hire for phd for us to justify receiving the amount of funds that we do. Very similar in importance is the lab assistant’s duty to log students in and out as they use the lab. This is done for two reasons.

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