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Tuesday, July 31, 2018 3:20:42 AM

Harley tong essays ENG 111-W1 Spring 2004 Personal Response Essay In his essay “An Early Start,” Harley Tong writes about his negative experiences in high school and tells how these experiences lead him to begin his college career two years earlier then most students. He got into fights with other students and was suspended. Because of boredom and lack of interest in his academic studies, the author writes that both his teachers and counselors were uninspiring and unsupportive. The author writes this because he order essay online cheap animalism in animal farm he should have been placed in more challenged classes and his teachers would not do so, for this reason he felt they were not supporting him or inspiring him to do more. I am not agreeing or disagreeing with the author because I don’t know all the facts from both sides. I assume the author is telling these facts as he perceived them to be, but if this was the case he should have Help proofread essay paper? help from someone else such as the local school board. Tong complains of the way he was physically and verbally abused by many of his classmates, a problem that many high school students face. Tong writes he did not have any friends in high school because he never seemed to fit in. He writes that most of the students belonged to their own groups of friends. He writes these groups made him feel out of place, verbally assaulted him in the halls as well as in the classroom. The other students thought the only way they could feel superior was being physical. An additional accusation that Tong levels against high school concerns the “mediocre faculty” and uncaring counselors who were unreliable and incapable of doing their jobs. He felt like his teachers didn’t challenge him enough. I feel like that the teachers should have let all the students learn how to use computers and calculators in their order essay online cheap animalism in animal farm. Tong assumed the teachers should have allowed the students to find certain lessons by using their books without giving specific studies at al.

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