This university doesnt have the business major - transfer ESSAY

Thursday, August 02, 2018 3:40:49 PM

Support homosexuality essays Gays are standing up and ask for their right. They fight against Anti-Gays, and ask for their rights and ask buy essay online cheap the chinese massacre of 1603 legalize their sexual relationship. For many religions and some countries, they are discussing how to resolve this problem, and that if they should legalize homosexual marriage or not. For some religions, the man and woman are made especially for each other. Gays, who committed in homosexual relationship, violate the natural law, and it’s mean This university doesnt have the business major - transfer ESSAY they committed a sin. It’s hardly accepted by society and there are too many people against the Gays. For some societies, example in ancient China, having a Gay child should be a shame for the family, and the Gay child would bear the discrimination from the society. The hope of having buy essay online cheap the chinese massacre of 1603 boy child having the family name will be hopeless. They considered this relationship as a mental disorder and listed it as a disease in the law. People are also afraid that if Gay relationship is legal, it may encourage many people, who are not Gay, follow and act like Gays, and it will be terrible problem for our society. Base on the view of Gays, they think that their relationship is natural. It’s natural because they are born like that; God created them like that so their natures are Gays and the homosexual relationship is natural for them. They found the sexual attract from others. They try to find their partners and live together; they take care for each other as normal heterosexual couple. They even take good care of their partners’ kids and raise the children. For me, I think if someone is born as Gays it’s okay for them to commit in their homosexual relationship. They are born different than others; it doesn’t mean that they will be abandoned by the whole society. We should understand and let them have their human rights and live their style life. But I don’t mean to encourage someone who is not Gay but follow and act like Gay; this action will against his or pay me to do your homework reviews like you do nature, a.

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