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Wednesday, August 15, 2018 2:54:40 PM

Propaganda essays t” thing. They do so again and again with the control over media. CNN, ABC, all the major conglomerates are involved in this. They show stories of American POW’s being saved, or the death of an American soldier to evoke certain emotions of sympathy, remorse and anger amongst the American citizens. What is not being talked about or shown to the public are the massacres going on and the destruction being caused to the people and homes of the other country. This isn’t shown because it would only strengthen the battle against violence and war. Showing such events would also cause the government to lose control of public thought. Heaven forbid we receive all the facts of a situation and come to our own conclusions. This is actually what the so called elite few in the country fear. According to the famous American journalist Walter Lippman, the majority of the population that help writing my paper metacognitive reading strategies not in the elite class is the, “bewildered herd”. These are the people by Lippman’s definition are the “spectators”; they are the people of this country who are not responsible and cannot carry out help writing my paper metacognitive reading strategies executive functions of the nation. This mentality by those with power is why propaganda still prevails with as much force as it does today. (Chomsky, Media Control 16) To give an idea of what has evolved, take a look at the beginni.

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