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Pride and prejudice, film representation essay of identification of americans essays The colonists of English America colonists had developed a sense of their identity and unity as Americans by the eve of the Revolution. These developments of senses were mostly caused by the British actions, and also the barriers of nature. There is three thousand miles away Important!? colonists and Britain. This nature barrier has divided colonies and Britain into two different worlds and different cultures. Many colonists were not considered they essay com sites malayalam English once they had lived three thousand miles away from Britain. And people who were borned in colonies thought they have nothing to do with Britain; People who were English immigrants also lost the English culture since they had lived Buy essay online cheap berkshire threaded fasteners case for a long time. Many people have begun to think themselves as Americans because they live in America. According to the letters from an American Farmer, it reveals that people are not longer Europeans because America has made or created them into a new race of men. They are Americans because they left them all their ancient prejudices, and receives new ones from the new life of America. British actions after the French and Indian war has made the colonists united as Americans to fight against Britain. Britain has treated colonists very unfair after the war. They placed more taxes on colonies while they had no representation in parliament, and passed several acts to regulate colonists such as the Stamp Act, Townsend Act. These British actions made many colonists thought they were not longer as English, and they began to think themselves as Americans. According to Peter Oliver, a historian of Massachusetts, colonists had changed from obedience to rebellion toward Britain because of their abandoned British leaders Important!? their arts of deception. A Pennsylvania Gazette had published a cartoon of broken snake with the name of each colony. It called people to united together as Americans to fight against Britain, or to die. It promoted people to think th.

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