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Saturday, August 04, 2018 12:50:29 PM

Trustee representation in congress essays I believe members of Congress should vote their conscience. Members of Congress are expected to be representatives of the constituents back home. The problem is, the business of government has grown in complexity and the constituents they are representing may have conflicting views or none at all. That’s why I think members of Congress should be more of a trustee, representing his or her judgment about the interest of their district and as a nation. Constituents Need help writing a good thesis statement their representatives based on the experiences, values and interests of the representative so in turn they can trust him or her to make their voice present and act in their best interest. I think members of Congress should be concerned about the constituents they represent and equally concerned with the entire nation as a whole. I think it’s wrong if Congress members vote in ways designed to win a reelection if it goes against their personal beliefs. We, as voters, look to their ways of voting to determine if he should be reelected but if they voted on issues they don’t believe in, it distorts our perception of their voting patterns. Another reason they should vote their conscience, is that the general public is usually not informed on bills that are proposed. While some may sound good, the small print may not be. In 1999, after a buy essay online cheap paradox in romeo and juliet of complaints of people stranded in the airports because of “sick” airline employees and cancelled flights, many “passenger bill of rights” bills were introduced to Congress. To many distressed travelers, these bills seemed too good to be true. For instance, H.R. 700 required a 200 percent refund for flights delayed more than two hours. That sounds great, but the money for this guarantee would most likely come from higher ticket prices. The majority of people may have wanted this bill passed but would have hurt the airline industry and make travel expensive for many. I best paper ghostwriters for hire for phd think that the representatives can be “puppets.

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