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Santanacus essays A recent trend of people has been to take up playing an instrument such as guitars, bass guitars, drums, flutes, trombones, clarinets, and trumpets. These are all great instruments, but the god of the guitar, Santanacus, and his story truly top all. The great gods of Olympia granted him this gift of being a god after he proved he truly invented the guitar and writing my research paper spanking the youth the best of all mortals and immortals. He joins the great Gods of Olympia in festivities and plays the great guitar of his. Santanacus, was made into a god, and given special tools for wood working, but also the power to morph different people or objects. After many years of being the best, a young, arrogant man named Peter, a known guitar maker and player throughout the land, challenged Santanacus to a competition that consisted of three parts: the one who could please the gods of Olympia, the one whose music had the ability to make the great gorgons fall asleep, and the one who could make the sweetest sounding guitar. The story goes on as Santanacus and Peter both agreed to play help me do my essay the problems with unemployment insurance front of all the great gods of Olympia. Every god from Zeus to Aphrodite watched the spectacular show. Santanacus and Peter each played for four hours, playing their sweetest of riffs. Santanacus moved the gods playing his “magic” guitar with a harmony no person or creature could match. As he ended with a magnificent finish, the other gods were pleased. Some were awe struck without words while others broke out in tears and applause. Santanacus thought to himself the competition was rightfully his, and the competition should end. The gods, loving the performance, still thought that Peter, since he had shown respect for the gods in the past with countless sacrifices and thanks, must still partake in the competition. Santanacus, displeased with the cheap write my essay assess the limitations of the uk democratic system, heatedly stepped aside with anger on his handsome face. Peter was overjoyed that the gods noticed his respect and let him play on. Pi.

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