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Thursday, August 16, 2018 11:28:29 AM

Male aggressiveness essays Compared to many other places in the world, the homicide rate for Miami-Dade County is troublingly high. The principal contributors are men. It is known that men are more prone to commit homicides than women. It is not known, though, what makes men so much more aggressive than women. Experts propose various theories, yet none provides a definitive explanation. Should one look to the side of genetics for answers or explore social structures and cultures? It may be some combination of genetics and social structure that will lead us to the answers, including to the question of why Miami’s homicide rate is comparatively high. Some say that aggression can be traced to genetics. Testosterone, a male hormone that is linked to aggressive behavior, pumps through the veins of all men in large quantities, whereas only a small amount is found in women. By contrast men have low levels, but women have high levels, of the neurotransmitter seratonin, which inhibits aggression and impulsivity. Female have a larger "verbal" portion Professional fiction writers for hire the brain which is said to be the reason why they can express feelings and emotions more readily than males. These facts point to genetic reasons why men are so aggressive, but there is still another side of the question to explore. Why is the homicide rate in Miami-Dade County higher than that of, say, urban areas of Switzerland which have virtually no violent crime? If biologists are correct, there are no rational differences in the genetic makeup of males, or for that matter females, that can account for such variation in rates of homicide and other kinds of violent crime. Thus there must be some nongenetic reason why homicide rates differ from country to country. In areas of Europe such as Switzerland, a homicide is nearly unheard of; people rarely kill each other. They live in peace with one another and learn to need help do my essay modern day slavery other men Transition word for process essay quick uniforms women. Such societies teach their men and women to be tolerant.

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