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How conflict theory applies essay on the value of human life the homeless population essays h regard to interactive relationships. “Machiavelli and Hobbes initiated the basic stance of cynical realism about human society. Individuals' behavior is explained in terms of their self-interests in a material world of threat and violence. Social order is seen as being founded on organized coercion. There is an ideological realm of belief (religion, essay on the value of human life, and an underlying world of struggles over power; ideas and morals are not prior to interaction but are socially created, and serve the interests of parties to the conflict(THE BASICS OF CONFLICT THEORY http://www2.pfeiffer.edu/~lridener/courses/COLLINR1.HTML).” One of the structural elements of the conflict theory is the belief that material contributions are what determine how the social classes are effectively put together in the desire to fight for the interests of the group. Another aspect of the conflict theory that can be important to the discussion of the homeless condition is the belief that within that theory the mea.

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