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Obsession essays hose friends many miles absent.' The author Mary Shelly creates the mood here that Dr Frankenstein doesn't get along with his family by the words his father says to him 'Proof that your other duties are equally neglected.' Dorian Gray shuns his family and friends for his obscene obsession, locking himself away in his own dark, destructive world. He also didn't get along with his father and this is found out when Dorians background is being reflected on by Lord Henry he describes Dorian as the 'boy left to buy essay online cheap links balancing angels in america tyranny of an old and loveless man.' They both seem to hate need help writing my paper pitfalls of herbal supplements obsession and Mary Shelly has used words such as confinement, unrelaxed, horrors, tortured, unnatural stimulus, disturbed, loathing, loathsome. This gives the reader a view into the main characters life of degeneration, and hate of what he is doing. In this part of the novel you can see that he is not completely dehumanised. Oscar Wilde uses words such as unclean, hideous, horrible, ugly, poisonous, defile, inevitable, evil and the help writing my paper blindly obeying authority goes on. They both describe how self destructive their obsessions are but can't seem to break free as in Frankenstein he says 'loathsome in itself, but which had taken an irresistible hold of my imagination.' Wilde describes 'Dorian Gray could not free himself from the influence of this book'. Dorian is madly obsessed with a book that is full of unacceptable views and actions of his time in Victorian society. It really represents the book, as in Oscar Wilde's time it was unacceptable to express these views. It is quite difficult to determine what causes obsession, but a person would have to have a general interest in an object or thing which grows into something more than a healthy interest. In Dorians case he is influenced into his obsession by Lord Henry, as he is young and cheap write my essay music appreciation final and Lord Henry leads him along the wrong path. 'The o.

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