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Ecuador essays Ecuador is one of the many countries in the northwest part of South America. It is about equal in area to Nevada. Its area is 109,483 sq mi, The Galapagos Islands which is 3,029 sq mi, became part of Quality custom essays ukulele notes tuning cars companies in 1832. Republic is their type of government. The country is divided into four regions, the western coastal lowlands, the central Andean highlands, the eastern jungles of the Amazon basin and west of Ecuador the Galapagos Islands. The western lowlands was once covered with forests are now replaced by banana, palm and cacao. Only a few forest protected, like the Maquipucuna biological reserve. The highlands contain the nation highest mountain Chimborazo. The first Spanish people landed in northern Ecuador in 1526. Quito was founded in December 1534. In 1830, Ecuador became independent, many revolts and dictators followed. Ecuador had 48 presidents during the first 131 years of the republic. Peru invaded Ecuador in 1941 and took a big chunk of Ecuador’s territory. In 1981 and 1995 another war came out again, but on May 1999, Ecuador and Peru signed a treaty to end a 60 year fight for the Amazon territory. Although its history of violence and border problems, life in Ecuador has remained peaceful in the years, and it is now one of the safest countries to visit in South America Ecuador is home to a Mestizo culture. the descendants of African slaves who worked on coastal sugar plantations in the sixteenth century. Today they are famous for their marimba music and dance festivals. Ecuador has a nice natural buy essay online cheap the first wives club analysis as well as a good cultural. Development in this nation includes the conversion to US dollar. Quito Ecuador's capital is a bustling city, with alot of fascinating cultures. The name of the country came from the country's location on the Equator. Although the population was very high in the Andes highlands a few buy essay online cheap the first wives club analysis ago, it is now divided about equally between that area and the coast. All regions has increased.

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