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Rappers as artist essays Bhavesh Patel 1301-803 Essay #1 June 14, 2000 Rappers as Artists INTRODUCTION The word “artist” is a term that is used to describe professions such as painters, chefs, and even musicians. Painters use paints and canvas as their medium, chefs use food for their delicacy, and musicians use the words and musical instruments to create the art of sound. Even within this, the terms of chief, painters, and musicians encompass many facets. For example, some chiefs specialize only in pastries, some painters only work with watercolor, or the in the instance of music, musicians who create rap music. IN ALL Essay about how important is homework in language learning A FORM OF CREATION HAS TAKEN PLACE BUT MODERN An inspector calls essay plans olga zhytkova estates SCRUTINY ON WHO CAN OR CANNOT BE CONSIDERED ARTISTS HAS BANISHED RAPPERS AS ARTISTS. FIRST SUPPORTING PARAGRAPH RAPPERS ARE MUSICIANS WHO USE FAST-PACED RHYMING VERSES ACCOMPANIED WITH A HEAVY BEAT AND SYNTHESIZING RHYTHMS. The lyrical verses can reflect everything from love to a drug deal gone wrong to strong opinions about social and political issues. Lately though, rappers such as Tupac Shakur, Notorious BIG, and Puff Daddy have been scrutinized as to weather or not their form of expression can be considered art. Notorious BIG uses offensive language to describe his lifestyles and his objects of desire. Many people think that the profanity and offensiveness of his lyrics serve as reasons to dismiss him as an artists. However, according to the definition of an artist, rappers can be considered artists. SECOND SUPPORTING PARAGRAPH IN ORDER TO FULLY ESTABLISH THAT RAPPERS ARE ARTISTS, THE DEFINITION OF “ARTIST” AND “ART” MUST BE ESTABLISHED. An artist is a person skilled in a fine art, such as painting, dance or music. Art is the creation of a work bringing about a variety of new combination of elements in the medium (tones in music, words buy essay online cheap developing a student centered management system literature, ect.) To further establish the definition of artist, popular analysis essay writing services online

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