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Thursday, August 09, 2018 8:40:20 AM

Are we alone? service not only focuses on providing quality essays after day, we wake up and find ourselves surrounded by life. Most of us encounter life in the human form; when we go to school, to work or to the supermarket. Other times we run into different forms of life, that do not take the human form, and that do not live in the same environment humans live in. For example, aquatic life forms exist and evolve in our oceans and seas. What we know life ranges from buy essay online cheap itc ratio analysis complex life forms such as elephants, to small single celled organisms that can only be seen with a microscope, life that is present and exists on earth, but the question that we must ask ourselves: does life exists somewhere else cheap write my essay rape scene in the bluest eye the universe? In my opinion, other life forms do exist, but our goal is to learn how to look for them. Before looking at other planets, we should begin looking for new life here on earth. Venturing in space is still a long time away and in the meanwhile we should search for life here on earth. There are numerous places and habitats that have not yet been explored on earth. For instance, there was a recent discovery of a life form living deep inside caves hidden from light and heat. How is it possible that we convince ourselves “there is no life on other planets” when we do not know that life exists under our feet and it help me do my essay buffalo waiting to be discovered? For most people alien life refers to intelligent beings, which are technologically and intellectually more advanced then humans. This may refer to the old, unanswered question “are we alone in the universe?” The question that I have is who exactly does “we” refer to? Does “we” refer to humans, or is “we” as a representation of life on earth. If it refers to humans, then we are definitely not alone in the universe, given the fact that life, other than human life, exists on earth. On the other hand if “we” refers to life as a whole on earth, more logic would exist my dog ate my essay the question. The key to searching for other forms of life.

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