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Sunday, August 12, 2018 5:53:12 AM

Lord of the flies - why College application essay writing help line boys joined jacks tribe essays In the novel, Lord of the Flies, written by William Golding, the boys on the island were attracted to Jack’s group because of three main reasons. Buy essay online cheap mba career planning of the reasons they joined was because Jack offered safety and protection from the beast. Since most of the boys were rather young and immature, safety was an excellent offer. The young boys also wanted freedom, as all young children would buy essay online cheap helping in order to have peace be free then under supervision. Jack offered freedom with very little or even no boundaries. Finally, the boys were also offered food, something they didn’t often see while being part of Ralph’s group. In this essay I will prove that the boys joined Jack’s group because of offered protection from the beast, freedom and food. I think the most important reason for joining would have been for the safety and protection. The only threat that the boys were exposed to was the beast. Since the boys did not realize that the beast was inside each and every one of them, they were quickly persuaded to join Jack’s group. The beast only represented fear, and wasn’t real, but Jack offered complete protection from this beast, and therefore most of the boys quickly switched groups. Jack said that the beast could be fought off, and his hunters could easily take care of any problems involving this beast. Jack also implemented that Ralph was a coward, by revealing that Ralph was afraid to go up the mountain when the location of the beast was revealed. This deed convinced many of the boys that Ralph was a coward, and made them think that only Jack was brave enough to face the beast. Jack also boasted that Ralph did not posses any hunters in the group, therefore it would not be impossible to face the beast. So, once again Jack was at an advantage. Ralph had no solution towards solving the problem of the beast, mainly because he continued buy essay online cheap helping in order to have peace try and convince the boys that.

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