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E ro essays Enron This research paper is on the big energy giant “Enron”. Enron began to rise as big Energy and Gas Corporation in 1984 and ended in 2002 in the hands of Keneth Lay. Enron reached its peak in 2000 to 2001 when Enron’s stock was at around 85 to 90 dollars per share that’s a lot compared to 10 dollars per share in 1984 when it began and o dollars in 2002 when it ended. That is a big fall and a fast one I do not know if the fall was a plot to get rich fast or was the fall caused by bad business choices. There were many people who where affected by Enron’s bankruptcy and there were many crooks who got rich because of Enron’s fast fall. These names are major people pointed out in many book written about Enron beginning with Ken Lay, Jeff Skilling, Rebecca Mark, Andy Fastow, Ken Rice, Lou Pai, Cliff Baxter, Ben Glisan, Michael Kopper, Rick Causey, Rick Buy, Amanda Martin, and Greg Whalley. These people were the top people in the Enron Corporation. In this paragraph, I am going to describe how the major people of Enron got to join Enron and made Enron “the big energy giant.” Keneth Lay began at Enron as the CEO molding the company to how he wanted it to work. Keneth Lay hired Jeffrey Skilling in 1990 as the chief executive officer of Enron. Soon after Jeffrey Skiling was hired, Jeffrey hires Andrew Fastow as the accounting director. Andrew roll at Enron writing my research paper the breakdowns of internet to get Enron started in the stock trading Help Me Do My Essay - How To Write ?. Enron buy essay online cheap political strategies in america during the eighteenth century began to invest in many energy projects around the world to begin to build its own energy net work. Enron would become the largest U.S marketer of electricity in 1994 after building ties with a power plant in England it also becomes a major my favourite grandmother essay provider of Europe. The projects where like a mask to make the stock prices go up but in reality to stock prices should have been lower. Because Enron had lost allot of money. The trouble began to surface at Enron when Richard K.

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