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Who murdered king tut essays t famous Pharaoh. The parents of King Tutankhamen are not positively known. It is believed that he was the son of the Pharaoh Akhenaten, the tenth King of the eighteenth dynasty. His mother may have been Kiya order essay online cheap the world wide web was seen as the lesser wife of Akhenaten. Akhenaten also had six daughters with his wife, Nefertiti, she was known as “ Great Wife (www.royalty.nu). Akhenaten lived at the peak of Egyptian power. Egypt was very rich and powerful. The reign of Akhenaten was characterized by an almost total absence of foreign conflict. Workers order essay online cheap the world wide web continuously cheap write my essay the exemplar temples in admiration and to pay homage to their Gods (www.crystalinks.com). Religion was the main importance in Egypt because they believed that the Gods “were responsible for everything in the world around them”(www.royalty.nu). If the Gods were happy then the people of Egypt would be live happily. Akhenaten Essay on Mahatma Gandhi - Term ? six daughters with his wife, Nefertiti and also Akhenaten may have also be the father of Tutankhamen. Akhenaten, during the sixth year of his reign, renounced Egypt’s Gods and established a new Monotheistic religion (www.royalty.nu). Because Egypt was a civilization based on a Polytheistic religion opposition grew strong. Akhenaten had a vision in which he saw a sun-disc between two mountains and saw it as a sign that God was requesting change. Akhenaten, like many other monotheistic rulers believe that, “ I am the Eternal Spirit, I am the sun that rose from the Primeval Waters, My soul is God, I am the creator of the Word. Evil is my abomination, I see it not, I am the Creator of the Order wherein I live, I am the Word, which will never be annihilated in this my name of `Soul.’” Not only did he establish a new religion based on one God, but he also abandoned the traditional cities and relocated his family to a remote area where he created new cities. By isolating himself from the nation, Egypt began to fall apart. In 1332 B.C. Akhenaten died and Tuta.

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