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Monday, August 13, 2018 6:13:46 PM

Standardiezed testing essays Standardized testing for students throughout elementary and secondary schools has a negative effect brownstones education. Constant testing for students, especially for elementary school students, is damaging to their education. Students learn to take test not to gain knowledge. Standardized testing assumes that all students are the same and that they have been taught the brownstones material in the same manner. Constant standardized testing demoralizes students to the education process, as well. Students learn to take tests not gain lasting knowledge. It has been argued that in the students’ future cheap write my essay brown girl that they won’t need to remember anything. Help writing my paper overcoming plagiarism, to retain the knowledge would be more beneficial to keep it leaking like that we’ve over students methods and strategies to do well on the tests. A student’s success depends on his test scores, and his ability to finish the test quickly. There are a number of methods of taking standardized tests, and succeeding at it, without knowing the material. These strategies can be used to great effect and allow students to evade the test. By having strategies for the tests, students avoid learning and hurt their education. But this practice is reinforced by the high amounts of Standardized test given during elementary and secondary schools. Standardized test are not accurate measures of students. Some people argue that standardized test are the only way to accurately measure the students. But the test must assume that all students have learned the exact same way. Since no two people could be the same, it seems wrong to compare them to each other. Different teachers teach students in a different way; each student learns his or her own way. Students are forced into direct competition for the few honors or scholarships. This completive Need an college essays!? 8,796 completed orders distances the students from their best teacher, each other, and this has a negative effect on education. When students are forced to compete aga.

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