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Tuberculosis essays What is the cause of Tuberculosis? Tuberculosis is caused by rod-like shaped bacteria called Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. This i need help with my physics homework trig the lung, cells called macrophage kill or engulf them. The remaining bacteria are contained inside a lump of hard cells. This lump is called a Tubercles. When the immune system is lower (by a cold) the bacteria brakes out of the Tubercles and spreads throughout the lung by the bloodstream. The lung is killed by the bacteria and forms scars and turns the lung into a liquid which forms a the bottom of the lung. What are the symptoms of Tuberculosis? The symptoms for Tuberculosis are first coughing (many people may think that this is just a cold or the flue). Coughing up of blood will occur if the bloodstreams are damaged also blood may be in the sputum. The symptoms for advanced Tuberculosis are chest pains, fever, sweating at night, fatigue, loss of weight and appetite. Tuberculosis may cause death rapidly but usually comes i need help with my physics homework trig a long-term illness. How is Tuberculosis transmitted? Tuberculosis is transmitted though the air in and in milk. When it comes though the air it is in tiny water vapour which are from a infected person by ether pay someone to do my research paper hypothesis or sneezing then it is in hailed and then goes in to the lungs. It is very uncommon to find Tuberculosis in milk due to the pasteurising it goes though. What are the related illnesses? Tuberculosis i need help with my physics homework trig effected the fowling: · Bones – attacks spine and the ends of long bones and may cause them to collapse. · Kidneys – attacks and destroys the kidneys. · Female reproductive organs - The ovaries in women may be infected and can. spread from them to the membrane lining the abdominal cavity. · Abdominal cavity – pain forms at the stomach and feels like appendicitis. · Joints – causes arthritis in the hips, knees, hands, wrists, and elbows. · Meninges Skin - it enter the brain a can cause drowsy, and eventually comatose. · Bl.

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