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Monday, August 13, 2018 1:03:13 PM

Geoffery chaucer essays In 1940 Great Britain was having many troubles with its economy. Because the industrial and Agricultural revolutions brought into use many machines that would do the work of labourers much faster and cheaper thus many people lost their jobs to these machines. So many people from the country gave up trying to make a living in the country because wages were very poor and rents had sky rocketed because labourers weren’t needed not just this but the food the labourers grew on the rented land the land owners took for themselves thus many labourers lived in sad hovels some times on the side of the road and all were on the verge of starvation. That is why many people moved into the cities in hope of jobs. Sadly the cities were no better they were fare overpopulated and there were very few jobs available. That’s why many Dissertation Ideas Pe Teaching, Buy Essay Online . went into the poor house. People considered the poorhouse worse than death and many chose to make their livings on the street anyway the y could. The people who did go to the poor house had sad lives also. The idea of the poor house was yo keep people on their feet just on death’s door and make website for writing essay websites do hard labour for pathetic salary’s not only this only men could work in the poor house so those with family’s had to try and support them with need help do my essay the stigma of mental disorder slender salaries. The upper classes cheap write my essay external environment analysis of airline industry the working class as to pay for the poor house there was a newly written poor law that was simply a tax on the upper classes. The Corn laws made the lives of the Poor much worse as suddenly because of the pressures of foreign powers grain and corn from other country’s were much more expensive which forced the price of bread up. Because of all of these things there were many riots in the cities where people would break factory machines and other such things to get some work as well as this they would also often break into bread and grain warehouses and distribute the grain at what they must have thought a fair price then they.

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