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Good country people vs. fifth business essays Short Story vs. Novel Novels and short stories are very similar; they both tell an event, and the surroundings around the event, the writers often will use similar styles when they write the novel and short story. However, there are differences, a short story revolves around one event, using few descriptions and characters, an example of a short story is “Good Country People” by Flannery O’Connor. A novel contrast a short story by the secondary events that revolve around the big event; usually a novel would include more characters, descriptions, and settings; “Fifth Business” is an example of a novel. Flannery O’Connor’s “Good Country People” is a short story, because it revolves around one event, the wooden leg and bitterness of Joy-Hulga. The setting is in a small village, there are few characters, the main ones include: Mrs. Freeman, Mrs. Hopewell, Joy-Hulga, and Manley Pointer. The descriptions are also limited; O’Connor describes Manley Pointer as “A tall gaunt hatless youth”, in a novel O’Connor could have described his hair and eyes, but since it is a short story she has limited space. Contrasting to the short story, the novel “Fifth Business” presents many events such as; the snowball incident, s love triangle, saints, and quests. The settings differ because the characters travel all buy essay online cheap moral choices facing employees Europe and North America. There are many characters in “Fifth business”; there are at least thirty-seven characters that are identified by names and many more by their status. The amount of detail buy essay online cheap marx and the bourgeoisie in into the novel is overwhelming, the description of the snowball incident until the birth of Paul Dempster took up five pages (Davies, pages 1-5). The difference between a short story and a help me do my essay internet piracy and movies is evident when the short story “Good Country People” and “Fifth Business” are contrasted. O’Connor’s short story included one plot, few characters and description. Davies’s novel included a main pl.

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