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Friday, August 17, 2018 1:13:42 AM

What i find interesting about essays What I find interesting about “Ballad” is the way lover who has been hurt is portrayed by the writer. I will compare this poem with another we have already studied, “Cousin Kate.” In “Cousin Kate,” the narrator is bitter that she has not been chosen as the wife of her old love and wants revenge on her cousin who has stolen his heart. She is powerful in the poem because she has made the best out of the situation. She states that she would have not married her love even if he had asked, “I would have spit into his face and not have taken his hand.” This shows that she feels she does not need a man in her life and is better off without him. The narrator is not heartbroken and can carry on living her life without this man in it. In “Ballad” the narrator feels she cannot live buy essay online cheap role of intermediaries in online travel agencies her love that has hurt her. “I wish my sorrows all away, my soul with God, and my body clay.” She wishes she was dead because she feels she cannot live on her own without the person she loves. She thinks very highly of this man and wants him back in her life. The narrator feels as if everything that went wrong was her fault and regrets it. “O had I walked ere I did run.” She is therefore powerless and esl term paper ghostwriter website us heartbroken. She will not live a very happy life as a result of her broken heart and will forever be sad. The man has all the power in this poem whereas in “Cousin Kate,” the narrator, who is a woman, is victorious. The two poems are similar in one way. The narrators in both poems have sons whose father is the man they love and who has hurt them. The difference is the way in which the narrators feel about their sons. In “Cousin Kate,” her son is valued and loved as he reminds her of the father. The son is used to show that she was loved and he is a product buy essay online cheap grow up in the countryside their love. “My fair-haired son, my shame, my pride.” She is proud of her son and does not regret having him even though some people think badly of her because.

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