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Psych project essays My experiment illustrates what male and females perspectives on gender preferences in certain occupations. I figured that this experiment would be interesting experiment to see how the genders view occupations in today’s society Hypothesis: My hypothesis to this survey is that mainly males would be preferred over females in four out of the five distinct categories. I will demonstrate how I got my hypothesis by breaking down to all categories. In Life Threatening Situations both males and females would prefer a male. Also I would think that both males and PSTD-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and behaviorialism essay writing books would prefer females in Beauty Maintenance situations. I find in Politics that there would be a split decision, that women would prefer women and men would prefer men. The main reason I hypothesis’s this is because people do not follow politics enough to make an inference about politics, write an essay on the most embarrassing moment cheerleader omi I believe that people would be answering in gender pride. In Manual Labor occupations I believe that again males and females would prefer men. Last again I believe males would be the dominating decision makers in White Collar Business’s. These are all my predictions prior to the experiment. Method Subjects: I have narrowed down my information to just college students at Ohio Wesleyan. The survey consists of twenty questions divided evenly into a series of five distinct categories, as displayed below. To evenly portray my experiment I am going to hand out my survey to twenty females and twenty males. The results of my experiment will be strictly the information provided to me from my survey. 5 distinct categories 1.) Life Threatening Situations 2.) Beauty Maintenance 3.) Politics 4.) Manual Labor 5.) White Collar Business’s A.) Life Threatening Situations 1.) If you were being held up at gunpoint what gender would you prefer the cop to be that helps Writing college admission essays through this situation? 2.) Say you are in a house that is on fire, what gender would you prefer the firefig.

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