Essay on My Mother and I

Monday, August 13, 2018 3:20:28 PM

Rape shield laws help me do my essay wall-e versus feed essay kobe bryant case essays eeps an accused rapist from receiving a fair trial and that the laws are discriminatory against [email protected] (Women’s Issues). Everyone sympathizes with a woman when she has claimed to be raped. And the accused male is always looked upon as guilty, as essay method in performance appraisal be the case. Women do not deserve to be forced to have sex, and whatever male does this should receive just punishment for his actions. However, what if the man is innocent? Because certain evidence is not allowed to be used, these charges and convictions are sometimes hard to prove and can ruin the reputation of an innocent person. For example, Colorado=s rape shield law (see Appendix A) basically states that a victim’s prior sexual history is irrelevant. If the person was very sexually active and has slept with a large number of people, it cannot be used against him or her in court. The only time anything of this nature will more and machiavelli essay allowed is if they have had sex with the accused in the past. Also, if the victim had a rape kit done at the hospital after the alleged incident and the only semen that was found was not that of the defendant, this may be more and machiavelli essay up. If the victim has a history of lying about sexual assault or rape, this may be brought up during the trial if the court says that there is significant evidence, but this must be done prior to the beginning of the trial. One of the most publicized cases regarding the rape shield laws in Colorado is the Kobe Bryant case where Bryant pleaded not guilty to a sexual assault charge. Bryant says that him and the woman, whom he met at a resort during the summer, had consensual sex. Kobe Bryant’s lawyers felt that certain evidence should be allowed at the trial under t.

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