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Gender equity and justice essays In our complex and growing society many issues have brought about great debate and many more still need to be debated. "Why do women feel oppressed?" "Why do men make more money?" "How are women portrayed in media?" Questions like these consistently spark arguments on an extremely sore subject, Gender Equity and Justice. Gender Equity and Justice is an issue that has been debated and has opened the door into many problems in this country as well as the world as a whole. The article, “Women, minorities could make an impact”, the writers discuss the topic of women being ‘challenged’ in the political system. “the Ontario Legislature will have more women and visible minorities [in politics]” (Black, Debra & Monsebraaten, Laurie. Women, minorities could make an impact. Oct. 2003). 1). In this last provincial election the people of Ontario had voted to choose ‘change’. They elected a Library of congress free essay
of, “eight visible minorities and 22 women out of 103 ridings, the second largest percentage in the history of the province” (Black and Monsebraaten, pg. 1, 2003). This may be beneficial to women, but also raises concerns about important issues. Many women feel that in a world of such struggle and controversy that, women’s voices in particular, need to be heard in attempts to change things for the better. “Many are hoping women’s issues will return to the political agenda” (Black and Monsebraaten, pg. 1, 2003). In order for women citizens to have an input in need help do my essay off-label drugs: harmful or harmless? reform, they have to have an “equal” say on issues that surround everyone and those that pertain specifically to the female gender. In addition, it has been proven that, “women are concerned [with such issues as], social spending, social services, schools, home care and homelessness” (Black and Monsebraaten, write my essay for me reviews synthesis. 2, 2003). These issues are minor concerns compared to Essays about gun control bestgetbuyessay.com

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