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Discuss buy essay online cheap documentation of nstp evolution of greek architecture from 600 to 300 essays Discuss the evolution of Greek Architecture from 600 to 300 Online assignments for money earning sites Hellenic peoples were of a very civil society, obsessed by advances in the fields of science, technology and literature. This instinctive desire to exceed, that which had proceeded led the ancient Greeks to advance culturally. Included in these advances were steps forward in architecture. Greek architectural skills evolved very fast and some of the best examples of their achievements are in the building of their temples. The temples of ancient Greece were of the utmost importance to the Hellenic peoples. Each temple was devoted to different gods. For example if an ancient Greek was about to go into battle he would pray to Apollo, the God of War, and this would most commonly be done at a temple dedicated to Apollo such as at Delpi. This religious belief system led to the need for may temples. One of the earliest temples was the Temple of Hera, Paestum (c550BC). This temple was built in an early Doric style, in which many of the later Hellenic temples were built. At the time of building, the tools and materials were less refined. The temple was therefore not built in marble as the most famous of Hellenic temples were, but in stone. The stone was the covered in Stucco, a white plaster, to give it the appearance of the marble temples and therefore the grandeur that accompanied it. The stucco has since weathered away to leave the original stone. Due to the limitations of stone, this temple was not as large as the ones the subsequent ones, such as cheap write my essay the development of beatrice and benedicks relationship Parthenon. The columns were more squat and closer together, there were also fewer of them. The Parthenon, Athens (c440BC) is a typical example of both the Doric style and of temples of the classical period. The Parthenon was built using money that was collected from neighbouring Greek states for the protection that the Athenian fleet offered. It was built on the Acropolis, after the Persians had plundered the site. .

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