How to state a thesis in an essay bibliography

Sunday, August 12, 2018 11:57:31 AM

Descriptive essay: my refuge from the world essays When I am stressed, overworked, and in desperate need of a vacation, I take a voyage to a distant place that is at arms reach to me. It is hard to believe that a makeshift spa can provide me with the soothing comfort of an expensive getaway. In my own way I manage to create an atmosphere of peace and serenity. Hot water, my choice of oils, crystals, and fragrancescented candles and slow music is all I need. First, I start off by my filling my bathtub with warm water that is at perfect temperature to sooth my aching muscles. As I watch the tub fill and waves begin to form, the anticipation in me grows. Watching the clear liquid sway back and forth and the steam rising only beckons me even more. Once this process is complete I move on to the next step in my “creation”. I then begin to add my collection of oils and fragrances. Jasmine, writers choice writing a college essay, and sandalwood are the scents of choice. The scent alone is enough to awaken my senses how to state a thesis in an essay bibliography makes me realize that my vacation is only moments away. I add bath crystals and salts to sooth my aching muscles. Together with how to state a thesis in an essay bibliography oils, they release a scent of fragrances that can only come from the heavens. I am then ready to move on to the next step. I begin to gather up my candles and place them in all corners of my tub and around the room. I turn off all the lights and begin to light them. The lighting is almost like an early morning sunrise or a late afternoon sunset. Every inch of the room is illuminated by rays of gold, amber, and burnt orange. The scents from the candles begin to release and combine with the scents coming from the water. This creates an overall sensation of relaxation and the aromatherapy session begins. I am now in the finals steps and just moments away from my “journey. I then Bring out my personal orchestra. My radio is filled with music of all kinds, from classical to Arabic. Not too loudbut just enough to surround myself with soothing .

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