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Supporting Change Assignment ON who is the world’s largest investor-owned energy service provider, where its headquarters re based in Germany. E. ON UK has over 8 million customers and has a vision to be our customers’ trusted energy partner. Why E. ON needs to change and how change affects the organization “Organizations need to remain competitive in order to survive” (Martin, Whiting & Jackson, 2010, IPPP). In order to maintain a competitive advantage, E. ON must react to the internal and external factors affecting the company and change appropriately. We Will Write A Custom Essay Sample On ANY TOPIC SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU For Only $13.90/page. In terms of external pressures the PESTLE tool is very useful for analysis, as detailed by Leatherwork, Fletcher and Currie (2010, up) which includes the following major drivers of organizational hang; Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental. In relation to EON, one of the most significant of the PESTLE factors is Technological. As the energy industry is highly competitive, particularly between the big 6, E. ON must ensure they are keeping up with technological advancements in order to remain competitive. The technological advancement of Smart metering – a clever piece of kit that allows the electricity and gas meters to talk to each other, to their Smart Energy Display and directly to their energy supplier, has had a significant impact. This will have great advantages for both he customer, such as an end to estimated bills, and E. ON, such as being able to switch a customer from monthly billing to pay as you go remotely, but means significant changes need to be made to achieve cheap write my essay life and death in assisted living roll out including the up killing of thousands of staff to pollution essay mania venom them to skills to install and fix Smart meters. Another external factor affecting E. ON is Legal; the energy industry is highly regulated help me do my essay establishing and upholding animal rights in the us all companies must comply with all legislation including the Energy Sales Rules. A recent investigation by Befog has best cheap essay writing service valve E. ON must pay out Million to customers as it was found that customers were misled during he sales process. The investigation found that E. ON failed to properly train and monitor both its own staff and those employed through third party telesales agencies, leading to incorrect information being provided to customers. In response, E. ON has made considerable changes and improvements to processes, has ceased to use the third party agencies involved and has delivered a programmer of re-training to all sales staff. Other external factors driving change within E. ON are Environmental factors and changing Societal demands. E. ON is under pressure to find more environmentally roundly and sustainable methods and so constantly researches new ways of producing greener energy, such as wind farms. The introduction of wind farms and the reduction essay on kalpana chawla in hindi power stations have meant significant changes within E. ON; the recruitment of individuals with different skills is required and redundancies have been made due to the closure of power stations. In addition to the external factors driving change within E. ON, there are also many internal factors that necessitate change. For example, a recent change in strategy in relation to sales channels utilized by E. ON resulted in the removal of he VICE (Venue and Events Channel) and the focus shifted to Telesales. While this will hopefully increase sales and drive efficiency, this has led to a large number of employees being redeployed or, where that wasn’t possible, being made redundant and also a large recruitment drive for Telesales staff. Changes to the senior leadership team also causes change within an organization as the new team members have different ideas they are keen to implement which will potentially have a long term effect on the company strategy. How new members of the SALT are perceived by employees is vitally important in order to maintain engagement of staff and commitment to organizational goals. A further internal driver of change is a need to decrease costs and increase consistency and efficiency, which is the aim of the centralization of some support functions from E. ON UK to Berlin where E. ON headquarters are based. This has resulted buy essay online cheap environmental pollution control measures a number of redundancies and the re-education of hiring managers across the UK business to understand the changes. Approaches to change A useful model when looking at different approaches to change is Attainment and Schmidt (1958, cited in Leatherwork et al, 2010, IPPP) Continuum of Leadership. This model explains a scale of various levels of delegated freedom and the subsequent effect on the employees. It details ‘telling’ where the manager decides and announces the decision, ‘selling’ where the manager decides and then sells the decision to the group, ‘consulting’ where the manager presents the problem and asks for suggestions before making a decision, and finally ‘joining’ where staff are involved in all stages of the decision making process. The model argues that ‘joining’ is the key to implementing change successfully as when employees are part of the change they are more likely to engage with it in a positive way. At E. ON the change process adopted for the centralization of the resounding team to Berlin is best described as ‘selling’ on the Continuum of Leadership as there was no involvement of the employees in the decision making process, the decision was made and then ‘sold’ to the teams affected. This may have been because it was such a transformation change, whereas smaller changes would perhaps be approached by ‘consulting’ or even ‘joining’. The CHIP (2010) states that the three essential aspects of successful change are “leadership, people and planning”. It is essential that any approach to change considers and incorporates these three elements. Communication is another essay on kalpana chawla in hindi important aspect in managing change as employees should know what is happening and, more importantly, why it is happening. This links to ‘Unfreezing’ in Linen’s (1951, cited in Leatherwork et al, 2010) Three-Phase Model of Change; If employees understand the reason for change, they are likely to have a more open mind with regards to accepting it. When discussing different approaches to change the CHIP (2014) states that “organizational forms are themselves evolving. Therefore, the change management response will have to be adaptive”. Therefore highlighting that the approach taken to change management needs to be modified as appropriate to the organization and the change that is occurring. Behavioral responses to change Although each person’s reaction will vary, it is useful to refer to Kibble- Ross’ (1960, cited in Martin et al, 2010, IPPP) Change Curve when looking at employees behavioral reactions to change. An employee’s initial response may be denial, as they believe the change won’t happen or it won’t be successful, or anger where the employee actively resists perhaps as they feel they have nothing to lose. It is vital that employees are given the chance to voice their opinions and ask questions at this point in order to reduce negative feelings and allow people to feel involved in the process. HRS must be involved in this, ensuring everyone has the chance to be heard and ensuring employees feel their thoughts are recognized. The way in which this is done must be considered, as some may prefer a public forum whereas others will not feel comfortable and may prefer a one to one meeting. HRS must use their knowledge of the people employed to understand which channels should be employed for feedback and discussion. Employees then may start to accept that the change is going to happen and progress to the next stage of depression. This is because they may feel scared, fear that they may no longer be required once the change happens and feel helpless. Resistance from individuals and groups can build up in this phase and so communication is vital to keep the employees informed about what is happening while acknowledging their feelings and ensuring they understand how the change will affect them. HRS will at this point provide emotional and racial support to help employees start to think positively about the change. We Will Write A Custom Essay Sample On ANY TOPIC SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU For Only $13.90/page.

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