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Cain and abel essays Genesis 4: The First Murder In Genesis 4, The First Murder starts to show the darker side of the Old Testament. The characters of this story begin to exhibit examples of having to deal with emotion. It focuses on God's concept buy essay online cheap mirror mirror sin and the consequences for I need help organizing the second part of my essay? God's laws. The story itself is short but filled with symbolism and meaning concerning good and evil while at the same time glorifying God. The story of Cain and Abel illustrates the covenant of loyalty between God and humankind. Cain and Abel are brothers who have been given separate jobs. Cain is a tiller of the earth while Abel is a herder of sheep and their failed understanding of God's ways result in suffering between them. Cain and Abel both make offerings onto God but only Abel's offering is recognized and accepted. This confuses Cain because he works harder than top custom essays ukuleles hawaiian music brother does yet God refuses to accept his offering. His jealously is kindled and Cain then rises against his brother, angrily killing him. God realizes what Cain has done and instead of taking his life, God punishes him by marking his forehead so that everyone will recognize him as exiled. Cain is wrestling with sinful emotions throughout the story. He becomes angry with God when his gifts are not accepted and that anger turns to jealousy of Abel. God tells Cain that sin will try to invade buy essay online cheap dominican republic thoughts but he must learn how to master it. He cannot, and Cain lets his jealousy overwhelm him. Cain's anger is directed at God but projected onto Abel when he betrays him. God shows his inquisitiveness of the nature of man several times during the story. He asks Cain "Why art thou wroth? and why is thy countenance fallen?" because Cain's demeanor is not one of acceptance of God's will but wounded at not being chosen. God's forgiveness is also exemplified when he spares Cain his life and only banishes him to walk the earth as an exile. He protects Cain by setting a mark upon him so .

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