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Saturday, August 04, 2018 5:43:18 PM

A downtown street essays A down town street It is a shame a lot of old country towns, like Palatka are loosing there historic down town image. The streets are full of history, old lanterns, and old stores. Down town, Palatka was once a very busy industrial and commercial town for people to shop, fish, picnic, and work. Today down town, Palatka is full of dilapidated buildings, and stores out of business. Most of the buildings that are in use today are for the court or the county. The street is full of lawyers’ offices, high school and college comparison and contrast essay offices, and tag and tax offices custom essay service toronto weather celsius shanghai tango festival 2014 the county. Highway 19 is steadily becoming the focus of Palatka, which ironically is not even with in city limits. The view from down town Palatka over looking the river was once an energetic river of flowing fresh cut trees. The river was once full of enormous cargo ships transporting merchandise North and South of Palatka. The smell of rich thick oil was in the air from the powerful tugboats. The riverbanks were full of exhausted dedicated workers. These dedicated blue-collar workers brought income into the area and helped with the strong commercial growth of Palatka. Walking, the downtown streets there were all types of businesses from the large companies to the mom and pop stores. Pre-Civilized and Post-Civilized Happiness Essay of these stores forced out of business by the rapid growth of highway 19 and the arrival of Wal-Mart. The old Coca-Cola building appears fragile, as if it is together with the remains of old cola syrup. The old J.C. Penny store once was an elegant store that is now weathered and falling apart. The new J.C. Penny store is located Pre-Civilized and Post-Civilized Happiness Essay highway 19. Numerous old stores of the “little man” are vacant and boarded up. Even the boards on the old deserted stores are falling apart. The streets of down town Palatka are now almost the picture of an old western ghost town, before the development of highway 19, they were full of families shopping, walking, and fishing on the large rich green river ban.

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