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Sunday, August 19, 2018 7:56:40 AM

Sandra cisneros essays The story “Little Miracles, Kept Promises” was written by Sandra Cisneros. The beginning of the story was introduced to us of letters that written by different kinds of peoples asking a favors or saying thank you to the saint for giving them their miracles that they wished for. Then the author Cisneros, talks about a story cheap write my essay garbage and the effect of it. a girl called Chayo De Leon and her life and her situation before she wrote a thank you letter to La Virgin de Guadalupe for her miracles. Chayo’s “Little Miracles” was the change for her heritage, the understanding of her mother and her lady relatives, the understanding of the Saint. Chayo is a girl who studies in a writers choice writing a college essay and living with her family. She wants to become a painter, although Chayo’s family doesn’t support her dream and wants her to get marry just like them. Chayo always day dreaming in her room and doesn’t let anybody get in because she doesn’t want to get involve with the family and relatives. Also, Chayo doesn’t social with her relative, because she feels her mother and relative are weak. For instance, Chayo’s father always gets drunk and yells at her mother, but her mother doesn’t do anything to fight back. And Chayo wants to be a father because a man can do something they want but no one would call that selfish. Chayo wants to be strong and have power like his father and doesn’t want to be a woman like her mother who is vey weak and fearful. At the last of the story, Chayo found out that La Virgin is Tomantzin, they are the same goddess that she believes in, and she totally understand that Toefl answers
who surfer have the greater power, because a person who suffered before have the answer to heal others. Therefore, she took the quality custom essays ukulele chord diagrams piano bar of the saint and put back to her mother and her relatives. She really felt bad about how she treated her mother before and felt very shame to be apart of them. So, now she is very proud to be with her families. The hair that Chay.

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