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Childhood emotional scars don essays Childhood Emotional Scars Don’t Fade Children assume that some of the qualities of their parents belong to them and as a result they experience the emotions that would follow that belief [Jerome Kagan)]. The way a parent treats their child affects there personality, self-esteem, and sometimes health. Parental child rearing practices predicts among other things the probability of aggressive or withdrawn behavior. [Jerome Kagan] In Alice Walker’s story Beauty; when the Other Dancer Is the Self, she tells of her injury that changed her life. She was a beautiful child, which seemed to get her special treatment from cheap write my essay the queen father, as she is chosen to go to the fair because “she is the prettiest” [Conscious Reader, 28]. When she is eight years old she is shot in the eye with a BB gun. Her cheap write my essay the queen is destroyed when her inner beauty is scarred for life. The doctor tells her she may lose the sight in her other eye, which terrifies her but not as much as her appearance. The most disturbing part of this story is when she reveals “that day was the last time my father chose me, and that I raged inside because of this.”[32] Six years later the “glob of white scar tissue" is removed and she regains her initial beauty, although she is still self conscious of her wandering eye. She regained her self confidence and became the beautiful person she had always been, which she now finally projected out to others. Alice’s awakening came when her three year old held her face help writing descriptive essay on lincoln her dimpled little hands and said “ Mommy there is a world in your eye”.[34] Alice then realized her inner beauty. She now looked into the mirror and realized there was a world in her eye and embraced it for all that it had taught her. This is a wonderful story which should be given as a order essay online cheap corruption and ambition in macbeth assignment to young girls to realize there inner beauty instead of their outer beauty. A poem written by Sylvia Plath “Daddy”, deals with a woma.

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