What do i write my college essay ?

Saturday, August 18, 2018 12:59:50 AM

Froussart essays one. Communication was an extremely important aspect of this governing. In fact, it may be one of the most significant techniques for someone to take command of and continue to lead a country. Similar to the leaders of today, a king must be able to address both the highest ranking officers and the common man or serf. This charisma ensures cheap write my essay verbal and nonverbal communication since taxes are voluntary, the people feel loyalty to the king and pay him. It also confirms that both his military orders are tomorrow, when the war began essay out, and that the peasants are pleased with him and do not revolt. This is proven in Froissart’s Chronicles on page eighty six. Need help do my essay four fields of hrm function is here that the King gave an order and his followers did not obey it. Because “each wanted to outshine his companions, it led to disastrous consequences.” So while this proved that not only was the king at fault for not asserting himself, it inadvertently pointed out a weakness of this king, a lack of respect. Without the respect of his military and the commoner, a king has nothing. Being able to communicate with men is futile if you cannot convince them to follow you into battle. As seen above, the King’s leaders did not heed his warning and continued in order to prove themselves better than the others. This lack of listening not only jeopardized their own lives, but also the life of the king who it is they were supposed to be serving. Earning the respect of a country’s people goes way beyond the battlefield as one could imagine. It carries.

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