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Thursday, August 16, 2018 5:47:40 AM

Arson essays 1. Oxidation. The combination of a substance with oxygen. A reaction in which the atoms in an help writing my paper there should be limits to abortion lose electrons and the valence of the element is correspondingly increased. 2. Heat of combustion. The excess energy liberated as heat and also light many times during oxidation. 3. Exothermic. Reactions such as heat of combustion, with such things as methane. Endothermic: When something needs more energy then what is liberated. 4. Ignition temperature. The heat necessary for the initial action to start. 5. Rate or speed of reaction. The faster the molecules move, the faster they collide the hotter it is, the faster the reaction is performed. 6. Flash point. The order essay online cheap sula by toni morrison temperature at which a liquid gives off sufficient vapor to form a mixture with air that will form a mixture that will be combustible. 7. Pyrolysis. Decomposition or transformation of a compound caused by heat. 8. Flammable range. The concentration range necessary for a certain mixture, for a reaction to occur. It is the concentration range between upper and lower limits. 9. Smouldering. Being in a state of suppressed activity; quiet but not dead. 10. Spontaneous combustion. When the conditions are just right in a natural environment due to heat and lack of ventilation that gases are built up and the ignition temperature is reached, causing a spontaneous fire. 11. Oxidizing agent. Chemicals that supply oxygen. 12. Where the fire started, easily marked in some cases. When arson is suspected 3 quarts of ash and soot are collected at what is believed to be the point of origin. It is identified according to how flammable it is, and what chance it was in being used to start and continue the fire. The evidence is collected in metal jars with lids. It is analyzed by testing out similar chemicals in similar fire conditions seeing if similar residues essay writing in english language year 10 left behind. .

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