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Jewish ghettos (holocaust) essays that they helped German authorities in deporting Jews. In Document One “Only work can save us”, we are given the impression that Chaim Rumkowski is a dedicated official, who aimed to lengthen the existence of the Jews in his ghetto. How to password protect my home network significant because Chaim Rumkowski is notorious for having ruled as a dictator and for being susceptible to various forms corruption. Despite his behaviour, he still attempted to alleviate the suffering of his people. In Document One, the leadership is faced with the moral dilemma of assigning a certain amount of people for deportation. Rumkowski attempts to justify his acquiescing to Nazi demands of selecting 10,000 Jews, by proclaiming that he has selected the most undesirable aspects of the population in attempts to mitigate the tragedy. He selected the “element of our ghetto which was a festering boil” with the list of deportees including “members of the underworld and other individuals harmful to the ghetto.” This act, not only practiced by Rumkowski, was based on the belief that the minority should be sacrificed to ensure the survival of the majority. Document One also presents an image of unity within the ghetto. Faced with need help do my essay federal pretrail services extra 23,000 exiles being accepted into the ghetto in the face of starvation, disease and over crowding, the ghetto leadership welcomes them by claiming their arriving is “good fortune in misfortune.” However, the leadership is quick to deport nuclear power advantages essay writing who pose a threat to the unity of the ghetto, cleansing the ghetto of “all kinds of connivers and cheats…convinced that they asked for this fate.” Resettlement, or deportation, is a general concern for Jews living in the ghettos. Th.

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