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Cognitive therapy for depression essays icating is dramatic, and the relief people feel is immediate. Instead essay about safety at school dwelling on the negative, which the other therapists sometimes do, they acquire therapeutic tools the depressed can apply on his or her own, in case they may find themselves slipping into old patterns of thought or behavior. (Stopa, 2000) Furthermore, studies have shown that the results of cognitive therapy are long lasting, with relapse rates much lower than with other modes of treatment, including psychiatric drugs. And while medication is sometimes used, at least briefly, buy essay online cheap excessive pride in young goodman brown relieve intense emotional disturbances and improve receptivity to therapy, most patients can be spared the side effects of drugs, which may include the inability to function sexually, upset stomach, difficulty sleeping and difficulty concentrating.(Brody, 1996) While no one approach to psychotherapy is appropriate for everyone, many thousands of patients have benefited from the strategies unique to cognitive therapy. In the 30 or so years since the approach was developed by Dr. Aaron T. Beck, a.

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