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The heart of the peacock professional dissertation introduction ghostwriter for hire au Heart of a Peacock” emphasizes Write a reflective essay besthelponlineessay.services peacock is personified as a human being with personal emotions and feelings. The peacock’s drastic changes; at first, he is lonely and proud but later he becomes buy essay online cheap the behaviorist approach loyal, but his proud spirits crushed creature. In the beginning, the peacock is a pretentious and selfish character. “From head to tail he was magnificent knew it, arrogantly flaunting his beauty as he came”. It illustrates that he is an incredibly, attractive creature in the park. Furthermore, “His beauty please[s] [the narrator] but [she] essay mobile phone boon bane his arrogance”. The peacock seems only looking for his need because “towards evenings his appetite overcame his pride and he returned to the park” which proves he doesn’t care other people feelings. Later, the narrator develops a special affection for the bird and the peacock feels he can learn to care about her. For example, “his call woke [the narrator] in the morning” indicates that their relationships have improved over the years. However, when the narrator decides to go abroad for a long time, “the peacock starts to feel alone and begins to lose his beauty” while“ he came once, the morning after [she] left. Since then he has not come at all”. Consequently, he has the ability to care deeply for the narrator and feels the need for reciprocated love. His plumage was dulled “ his head sagged forward, wings drooped” because he realizes at the end that what he really cares is not the satisfied audience, but a companionable friend who appreciates not only his appearances but also his inner virtues. Later, “the peacock beat his breast against the wire in vain” because he feels the lack of love with the narrator: he can’t live there anymore. As a result, without his love of life, he is broken both mentally and physically and desires to be free. .

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