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Tuesday, July 31, 2018 11:01:16 PM

Introduce discuss and analyze the eyes on the prize summary of chapter 8 essays Chapter Eight is an interesting chapter because it looks at how the civil rights movement affected two northern cities, Detroit and Chicago, and illustrates the "tensions and differences" between whites and blacks at the time. It also shows how there were racial tensions outside the South, and that they affected many different aspects of society. In Chicago, one of the most important aspects of civil rights reform consisted of fair housing and the regulation of housing so landlords did not discriminate toward blacks and other minorities. In Detroit, riots broke out because blacks were dissatisfied high school written essays their treatment by police and the community. After the Detroit riots, President Johnson created a commission Essay - Icelandic Sagas the Saga of ? study civil rights in the country. "The commission warned that America was 'moving towards two societies, one black, top admission essay writers service online white a€“ separate and unequal (Carson et al 291). The chapter presents a variety of documents that all relate to Chicago, Detroit, and the growing unrest in the two areas. In the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) document, known as the "Chicago Plan," housing and education are of paramount importance, and the organization provides a Essay - Icelandic Sagas the Saga of ? of social change" that includes ending segregation, opening up educational opportunities to black children, and eradicating slums. They list twelve areas that need to improve, from the Federal Government to slum landlords, and they ask churches and college students to work as a team to help eradicate Chicago's race problems peacefully, but forcefully. They encourage peaceful demonstrations to help obtain legislation both locally and nationally to end discrimination. The next document, written by Martin Luther King, Jr. is a list of the demands tacked to the front door of Chicago's City Hall, which include demands for fair housing practices including mortgages, fair hiring practices within the city .

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