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Why arnold was the devil essays Reasons for Arnold Friend being the Devil In “Where are you Autobiography essay example for college, Where have you been?” the devil is masquerading as Arnold Friend, or that he is at least one of the devil’s messengers. All the evidence during the corse of the story helps to support this fact. One could see with all of the supernatural things that Friend did, such as predict where and where Connie’s entire family was and what they were doing, proved that he was at least one of the Devil’s evil little pranksters: “He ain’t coming. He’s at a barbecue Aunt Tillie’s. Right now they’re-uh-they’re drinking Yeah. Sitting around. There is your sister in the blue dress, huh? And high heels, the poor sad bitch-nothing like you, sweetheart! And your mother’s helping sone fat woman with the corn, they’re cleaning the husking corn” (Oates 452). By Friend predicting what and where Connie’s family was doing should further support the fact that he is Advanced Information Management and the Application of Technology essay buy Devil. Another reason that Friend might be the devil would be the fact that he has a minion, which happens to be Ellie. But the most obvious thing that one could have noticed was Friend’s rough appearance. Arnold Friend’s appearance was that Autobiography essay example for college a person in a Halloween costume. His hair was all over his head, very shabby, and looked as if it were a wig that was put on wrong. His nose looked as if it were the beak of a parrot, elongated and hooked. Friend’s eyes looked as if they were pieces of broken mirror that one could see many reflections in. His shoes that he wore were turned in different ways which would suggest that he did not have feet but hooves instead. Also, there was the fact that the inside of Arnold’s throat buy essay online cheap breastfeeding or bottle feeding your infant not like any normal persons throat. His throat looked very tan as if it were made of wheat colored boot’s. This could make Friend devil like because the inside of a regular pe.

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