The transformation of silence into language and action essay

Sunday, August 12, 2018 8:38:54 PM

(satire) a solution for the israel-palestine essays (This paper is a satire not to be taken seriously to any extent.) Throughout the ages, virtually every social custom changeable has been changed in one way or another. The way we communicate, the way we express our thoughts, the role of women, etc., are all proper examples. Yet some things remain, even though they don’t have to. Some even linger on, even though they are undesirable. What is perhaps the worst of all of these customs is war, or the waging thereof. Millions of lives have been claimed by this social phenomena, yet it seems no one has tried to do anything about it. Of course, trying to avert war in general may not be enough. Case in point: religious wars. No single issue can divide people more than buy essay online cheap toddler observation, because help writing my paper italian immigrants the consequences need help writing my paper are humans the most secure key? succumbing to a different god (or no god) have enormous consequences (which is an understatement). Obviously social action must be taken if any of us value peace. One such problem is a conflict between two peoples, the Palestinians and the Jews. Who could blame them? They’re two unrelated races, two unrelated religions, and two unrelated languages. Of course, they’re so opposite that war would quite possibly be inevitable. Consequently, one race may have tendencies to wipe the other race off the face of the planet. (This is usually Israel; they’re God’s Chosen.) (Cockburn). I have been following these state of events closely and extensively, and I’ve come to notice one very simple concept: one side is right, and one side is not. Israel is truly virtuous in its fight against Palestine, for they are not the ones sending in their kids to blow up people. In fact, they have the nerve to get upset when the Israelis strike back with even greater force, taking even more lives. Clearly, the Palestinians are dangerous and must be stopped. With my extensive biographical documentation of the events, along with hundreds of news article written on the situatio.

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