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Tuesday, July 31, 2018 10:54:17 AM

Coaching styles essays >From my own experiences of being an athlete I believe there are three key words that every person should follow by everyday; heart, passion, and desire. If an individual possesses these three words in their actions, life will be more enriching. In this paper I have written and elaborated on my coaching philosophies. I feel these guidelines are essay learning second language to essay writer company here individuals to be successful academically and athletically. Every coach has his or her own philosophy and style of coaching. There is no right/wrong way of coaching, coaching is an art that must be finessed through time. A good coach will have a specific way of coaching, specific values and rules that they follow. A good coach will have specific standards and philosophies that they follow and they stick to what they believe in. It is imperative for a coach to know what their coaching philosophy is and follow it. 1. Know Your Athlete – A coach taking the time to really get to know each athlete on an individual basis is so important. When essay learning second language coach takes the time to have a conversation about something important to that athlete, it really means a lot to the athlete. Athletes are human too, they need to be loved and supported just like everyone else. A coach really knowing the athlete and essay about too much payment for film and sports stars - feed back is going on in their life can have such an important impact on the athlete. Every athlete has their own unique relationship with their coach; how strong that relationship is depends on both the coach and the athlete. 2. Coaching is Teaching – Coaching is much more than statistics, times, and overall season records. I believe coaching is about teaching and helping the athlete grow into a mature adult. A coach usually has many opportunities to help individuals learn from mistakes, which is why coaches must capitalize on opportunities. There are so many life lessons that can be learned from athletics. Coaches must remember what is important, helping the young ath.

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