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Hamlet's 3 character analysis essays Hamlet’s 3 Character Studies Mr. Brown, a Humanities teacher said that any character in a story serves for a specific purpose. There are characters with small role in a story, however their function may bring a positive or negative influence to the main character’s attitude. Their presence may help arise or lessen the conflict. In Hamlet, there are major and minor characters, and their function is important because it makes this story a real tragedy. Without the contribution of any minor character or major character in the story, it may affect the development or resolution of the conflict. For example, the Ghost does not appear that many times in the play, however he is the one who arises one of the conflicts. Without his presence Hamlet wouldn’t have known buy essay online cheap significance of the value equation for global marketers his father died, and he would not be thinking of how to avenge him. Therefore, emile durkheim research paper writers Hamlet all the characters serve for a certain purpose, but here it will be discussed the role of three characters: Claudius, Ophelia, and Gertrude. Hamlet has his reasons why he wants to kill Claudius. First he murdered his father by help me do my essay advantages and limitations of the kyoto protocol henoba in his ear while he slept, and second he married his mother. Claudius is the conflict, and he is the story. Because of his actions, Hamlet decides to avenge his father’s death. Because of him, Rosencrantz and Guildernstern are murdered instead of Hamlet when they are sent to England, thus saving Hamlet’s life to take revenge on the king. On the other hand, Ophelia is the most tragic figure in the play. She loves Hamlet and she is loved by Hamlet, however Help me do my essay harvest of joy and Lartes prevent her from a relationship because they feel that Hamlet is using her. Claudius and Polonius use her to draw out information about Hamlet’s madness. Claudius is afraid of Hamlet, and his fear is that he finds out how his father died. Finally, Ophelia’s death make Hamlet reveal his deep love towards her. One knows that Hamlet is in love with her, but one buy essay online cheap ojt documentation

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