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Thursday, August 16, 2018 1:05:50 AM

The red mark in the scarlet letter essays The Red Mark Who can honestly say that they do not bear a red mark of their own? Some buy essay online cheap hp wacc project ours have a deeper tint of crimson than others. However, many of us love to hide our scarlet letter under our clothing just like Dimmesdale. Instead, we take pleasure in finding and criticizing other people’s letter. Sometimes we often compare our red marks to others and convince ourselves that our letter is really not that red. Nevertheless, all of us bear a scarlet letter regardless of how scarlet writing my research paper the declaration of independence and the american ethos is. As a result, we should refrain from mocking others marks and reflect on our own marks. No matter how hard we try, the letter will remain there. The truth is that this mark that we all bear is a sign of our weakness as human beings. Hester had more than enough time to reflect over her mishap because she had to wear her letter where everyone can see it. Besides being forced to wear it, the fact that “she rejected [what she did] as a sin,” made it easier for her to wear the letter (74). Hawthorne even refers to her as a “martyr,” one again showing how much better of a person she is for accepting her transgression (75). How much better are the ones who buy essay online cheap internet security 1 mocking her? This kind of reminded me of the story in the bible about the woman who had committed adultery. When she was brought to Jesus to be condemned, he simply asked anyone who has not sinned to throw the first stone. Unfortunately, they had all sinned so they left. Likewise, every member of that town has at least one of their own stigma that deserves as much scorn as Hester is getting. However, would it not feel better to scorn than to be scorned? And what good could ever come of sinning? Suddenly, Pearl is labeled as a child “of demon origin” (89). The townspeople believe that “a Christian interest in the mother’s soul required them to remove such a stumbling block from her path” (89). Because human likes to see their fellow human being suffer the .

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