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Kate chopin's essays The late 1800s were not an era where “erotic” literature was popular, where feminists flourished, or where contemporary feminist ideas were typically thought, written about, or published. Kate Chopin, however, wrote “The Storm”, a pay to do best reflective essay on donald trump in which the protagonist, Calixta, is a sexually and spiritually frustrated housewife who has a one-time affair to improve her state of mind and her life. In “The Storm”, Chopin uses modern day feminist ideas and beliefs, metaphors and symbolism, and erotic tone and language to professional descriptive essay writers service for mba the plot of her story. Everything in the story occurs with the storm. Chopin wrote the storm in an effort to abolish the thought of “women are created to serve men” and also to show readers a women’s perspective on how oppressed and confined a woman can feel in marriage. Chopin wanted readers to see and realize that women too became bored and repressed in uninspiring situations, that women had the analytical essay about the crucible desires and needs that men had, and that like men, they had the means and cravings to enhance their situation. “The Storm” redefines sexual standards of the time and also paints a picture of human, particularly feminine, nature and its tendency to long towards sexual desire. In creating the plot, Chopin uses metaphors and symbolism. At the beginning of the story, Calixta’s husband, Bobinot, and son, Bibi, are taking refuge in a store from a storm that is brewing nearby. This opening to the story prepares the reader for introduction to Calixta who is home alone during the storm and whose husband and child are being kept away from the house by the storm. Calixta is at home and has not yet noticed the storm, however realizes the heat and humidity. This storm and her awareness of it represents her brewing, ambivalent sexual desires. The heat she feels before realizing the storm Parts of writing an essay Lime House School
her to unbutton her collar and dab at the beads of perspiration forming on her forehead. Here.

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